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Restaurant Review: Mad Fox Brewery

Mad Fox Brewery, you had me at “hello.” The wife and I recently gathered with The Goat and his lady for Sunday brunch, which provided a hearty, satisfying, and greasy salve for their hungover bodies. Mad Fox has two locations, … Continue reading

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Fifty Shades of BBQ

Eat me. I hesitated. I licked my lips. My hands shook like a bad metaphor in the gentle breeze. I lined my lap with paper towels. It could get messy … very messy. I looked around and saw a wood carving of … Continue reading

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Truman’s Hump Day Song of the Week: You Should Be Dancing

In the middle of the NBA and NHL playoffs and risking permanent revocation of my Man Card, I watched an episode of “Dancing with the Stars” for the first time this week. Here are a few observations: It wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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Happy Snowy St. Patrick’s Day!

After a spring-like weekend, we in D.C. are being subjected to a third straight week with a snow day, grinding the already rusty cogs of government to a halt. Don’t worry, it wasn’t like anyone else was doing anything useful … Continue reading

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Entertainment for the Next Ice Age

It’s beginning to look a lot like another Ice Age this weekend. Perfect weather for survivalists looking to validate their multimillion dollar investments in fully stocked and fortified bunkers. Not-so-perfect weather for interstate air commuters. Here’s what’s on tap for … Continue reading

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Truman’s Hump Day Song of the Week: Call Me

I dropped off Truman at the vet the other day and returned to find him surrounded by several female staff members who cooed at his every move. These are women who see dogs and cats all day long, but you … Continue reading

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Chairman’s War on Clowns

I hate clowns, particularly ones who resemble the child-killing Pennywise from Stephen King’s horror novel (and later movie) It. One clown in particular has been creeping out people in Northampton, England over the past several weeks. Harmless, you say? You be the … Continue reading

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