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Obama Doctrine

This article in The Atlantic provides insight on how President Obama’s worldview shapes his approach to foreign policy and national security. Whether you agree or disagree with POTUS, it’s worth about an hour of your time. Here’s the nut graf, buried a … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review: Founding Farmers

I delayed a visit to Founding Farmers for nearly eight years until I learned about its crown-jewel dinner entree: a slab of chicken fried steak served with a donut. A friggin’ donut for dinner. Goin’ once, twice … sold! Founding Farmers is another … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review: Marble and Rye

I love whiskey. I also love alliteration, which makes Whiskey Wednesdays at Marble & Rye in Arlington doubleplusgood. This Columbia Pike neighborhood location supplanted the locally beloved RedRocks pizza joint in late November and boasted two big-ticket items on the Chairman’s goody-goody list: whiskey and wood-fired … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review: Texas Jack’s Barbecue

A few months ago I asked my BBQ muse, The Goat (a former resident of Texas) what he thought of D.C. favorite Hill Country. He replied, “Oh, that’s dog food.” Fair enough, I thought. Like Caine in “Kung Fu,” my search … Continue reading

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Sidestepping Holiday Traffic Hell, East Coast Style

   Oy! Here’s a good WaPost Q&A on how holiday travelers can avoid or, more likely, mitigate D.C.’s dreadful traffic. Big shocker: Many questions on how to suck a golf ball through the I-95 garden hose. Good luck.

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Dangerously Delicious Pies

Chairman does pies, not cakes or puddings. Hence the wife’s visit to Dangerously Delicious, a D.C. pie joint that has made area foodie nerds hyperventilate with delight. The below pie welcomed me into my kitchen on my birthday weekend several … Continue reading

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Truman’s Hump Day Song of the Week: The End

Here’s Wednesday’s one-two hump day journalism punch: – For some insight into President Obama’s favorite JV team, read “What ISIS Really Wants” by Graeme Wood in this month’s edition of The Atlantic. A little hint, Mr. President – it’s going to … Continue reading

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