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RIP and Fight On, Mr. Christian

A sad footnote to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is the death of former USC song girl Claudene Christian, who was aboard a tall-ship replica of the infamous HMS Bounty when she sank off the North Carolina coast sometime between … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review: Rasika

The wife and I have a short list of go-to restaurants for friends visiting from out of town. Rasika, which offers a modern take on Indian cuisine, just made the list. There are two locations – one in Penn Quarter … Continue reading

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Straighten out your Slip ‘N’ Slides, chill your Miller Lites and preposition your glow-in-the-dark condoms. For all my comrades on the East Coast, it’s time to get in the mood for Hurricane Sandy. This AP story says the Navy wisely … Continue reading

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Meat Loaf Would Do Anything for Mitt … But He Won’t Do THAT

In other countries, people vote along ethnic and sectarian lines, constantly looking over their shoulders in case someone didn’t like the vote they cast. Here, we might cast our ballots based on a ’70s pop singer named after American comfort … Continue reading

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Girl Smokes 3-Mile Record at Mt. SAC Invitational

I run a few times a week, sometimes when chased by Arlington County’s proletariat, other times to keep up with my schizophrenic dog. I’m slow – alas, my stubby legs can’t stretch out into a gazelle-like stride. Unlike Sarah Baxter, … Continue reading

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Women in Man School: Postscript

The second of two women who were¬†the first female volunteers at Marine Corps Infantry Officer Course was dropped a couple of weeks ago. The first dropped during the Combat Endurance Test at the beginning of the course – along with … Continue reading

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Chairman’s Choice: Obama, Romney or the Wizard of Oz?

My first experience with debates occurred in junior high school, when I was assigned the indefensible position of arguing for a ban against sex and violence in pop culture. This was a seventh grade class, hormones were on overdrive and … Continue reading

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