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Hail to the Xi

Chinese President Xi Jinping is the Commander-in-Chief of the People’s Republic Army – and don’t you forget it. A few days ago, state-run media announced his newest title – Commander-in-Chief of the Chinese Military Commission’s Joint Battle Command Center. He … Continue reading

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Obama Doctrine

This article in The Atlantic provides insight on how President Obama’s worldview shapes his approach to foreign policy and national security. Whether you agree or disagree with POTUS, it’s worth about an hour of your time. Here’s the nut graf, buried a … Continue reading

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Fixin’ Big Decks

The wife is addicted to HGTV renovation shows, which absorb my valuable “True Detective” viewing time. Slightly related, ever wonder what it takes to renovate an aircraft carrier? Check out this interesting story from Wired.

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Chairman Does Memorial Day

The wife and I made our annual visit to Arlington National Cemetery this Memorial Day. It was a beautiful day – not nearly as hot as years past – as we strolled to Section 60, the area of the cemetery that … Continue reading

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Seven More Take Their Posts

 Casualties are an accepted element of realistic training, but that doesn’t make them any easier to take. This Washington Post article tells the stories of the Marine Raiders killed in last week’s helicopter crash off the coast of Florida.

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70 Years Ago Today…

U.S. Marines raised the colors above Mount Suribachi – immortalized by AP photographer Joe Rosenthal – on the fifth day of the monthlong Battle for Iwo Jima. A total of 92,000 men – 70,000 Americans and 22,000 Japanese – fought … Continue reading

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Chairman Chats “JV” Hoops with the President

I missed President Obama’s interview on “60 Minutes,” but apparently the Islamic State’s rampage through the Levant is everyone’s fault but his. Silly me – I thought leaders were supposed to take responsibility for mistakes instead of shuffle-passing blame to … Continue reading

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