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Truman’s Hump Day Song of the Week: Thriller

This Halloween, Truman and I might hide around the corner from our front door, me with a wiffle ball bat and he with his … I guess that’s a wooden sword in the photo above … laying in wait for … Continue reading

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How to Skip Leg Day

Screw Crossfit and its functional fitness stepchildren. For the best workout tips, go to Bro Science on YouTube. Here’s our host/hero, giving us a lesson on how to skip dreaded leg day. So grab yourself a pitcher of NO-Xplode, wash it down … Continue reading

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Truman’s Hump Day Songs of the Week: Eye of the Tiger and We Are the Champions

I was listening to Katy Perry’s amalgam of sports cliches on the radio the other morning and wondered (1) who the hell wrote this awful song? and (2) how much money is she going to make from this awful song? … Continue reading

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Truman’s Hump Day Song of the Week: Whip It

Before cable TV, there was “On TV.” The name was odd, since On TV wasn’t always on – it only had programming beginning around 7 p.m., when it would show an hour’s worth of music videos before the feature movie. … Continue reading

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People With Worse Jobs Than You (30 Photos)

When you settle into your cubicle to work on that thrilling spreadsheet or pour Olde English all over yourself to smell like a bum during a stakeout, just remember that life could be worse. Here’s a re-post from one of … Continue reading

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School’s Out Forever

Throughout my public school education, the most coveted seats in the classroom were in the back row. It was a safe haven where you could goof off with friends, daydream, draw childish cartoons on your Pee-Chee folder and, in general, ignore … Continue reading

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‘No Disrespect To The Coach Who Was Here Before…’

USC beat Arizona Thursday night 38-31. Despite the 10:30 p.m. ET kickoff, I stayed awake long enough to watch the energized Trojans build a 28-3 lead into the second quarter (I’ll have to stomach watching us nearly squander that lead … Continue reading

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