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Chairman 2.0

Welcome back, comrades. I got busy with work and real life, so this little hobby took a backseat over the past few months. Just as well, it was a blessing in disguise. The break gave me a chance to collect my … Continue reading

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Chairman Chats “JV” Hoops with the President

I missed President Obama’s interview on “60 Minutes,” but apparently the Islamic State’s rampage through the Levant is everyone’s fault but his. Silly me – I thought leaders were supposed to take responsibility for mistakes instead of shuffle-passing blame to … Continue reading

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Gaza Endgame

When David Ignatius writes, Truman and I usually drop what we’re doing and pay attention. In this morning’s Washington Post, his column was titled “John Kerry’s big blunder in seeking an Israel-Gaza cease fire.” (Worth a read; it’s short). Ignatius … Continue reading

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Potpourri for $100, Chairman…

We have just a half-hour and lots of answers on the board. Let’s get to it… “Political Bordellos” for $600… Answer: An apparently compulsive liar who was exposed in a New York Times article for plagiarizing large portions of his master’s thesis at … Continue reading

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Truman’s Hump Day Song of the Week: Talk Dirty to Me

Last night, Truman and I settled down to watch the latest news on Iraq’s meltdown and instead stumbled upon an hourlong CNN infomercial for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. A fawning Christiane Amanpour made polite chit-chat with the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee (who … Continue reading

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Bob Thomas Dies: Longtime Hollywood Journalist Covered Oscars, RFK Shooting

In my first career, Bob Thomas occasionally popped into the AP’s busy Los Angeles bureau to check his mail (the snail kind, this was in the mid- to late-90s) and take care of business with the bosses. Bob always had … Continue reading

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Truman’s Hump Day Song of the Week: Wrecking Ball

In a time-honored D.C. tradition, an upcoming, tell-all political memoir slams the sitting president, the presumptive next president, the veep and their minions. No surprise there. But the author is mild-mannered Robert Gates, which is a bit of a surprise. … Continue reading

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