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Hail to the Xi

Chinese President Xi Jinping is the Commander-in-Chief of the People’s Republic Army – and don’t you forget it. A few days ago, state-run media announced his newest title – Commander-in-Chief of the Chinese Military Commission’s Joint Battle Command Center. He … Continue reading

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Ying Hillary, Yang GOP

A year ago, I agreed with friends who said they could live with a Hillary presidency so long as the GOP retained control over Congress. This NY Times feature, which outlines her hawkish worldview, explains why. Yes, the same Secretary of … Continue reading

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Nice Shorts, Prince

Prince was only 5’2″ when he played on his junior high school boys’ basketball team. I wonder what Charlie Murphy has to say about his passing.  

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Obama Doctrine

This article in The Atlantic provides insight on how President Obama’s worldview shapes his approach to foreign policy and national security. Whether you agree or disagree with POTUS, it’s worth about an hour of your time. Here’s the nut graf, buried a … Continue reading

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