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Ying Hillary, Yang GOP

A year ago, I agreed with friends who said they could live with a Hillary presidency so long as the GOP retained control over Congress. This NY Times feature, which outlines her hawkish worldview, explains why. Yes, the same Secretary of … Continue reading

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Obama Doctrine

This article in The Atlantic provides insight on how President Obama’s worldview shapes his approach to foreign policy and national security. Whether you agree or disagree with POTUS, it’s worth about an hour of your time. Here’s the nut graf, buried a … Continue reading

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North Korean At-Will Employment

Next man up! Kim Jong Un apparently executed another top general, allegedly for factionalism, misuse of authority, and corruption. Ri Yong Gil is the latest member of North Korea’s military elite to receive a one-way ticket to the woodshed.  Recently, … Continue reading

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Schumer Against Iran Deal

Here’s some big news tucked away on a busy GOP presidential debate night: Sen. Chuck Schumer is opposing the Iran nuke deal. Here’s the scoop from The New York Times.

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Deal or No Deal

I just watched President Obama’s speech on Wednesday defending the nuclear deal with Iran. The speech, in front of a friendly audience, was pretty insulting. First, he repeated misleading assertions about “anytime, anywhere” inspections (a condition applicable to declared sites, but apparently not applicable where … Continue reading

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Chairman 2.0

Welcome back, comrades. I got busy with work and real life, so this little hobby took a backseat over the past few months. Just as well, it was a blessing in disguise. The break gave me a chance to collect my … Continue reading

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Chairman Chats “JV” Hoops with the President

I missed President Obama’s interview on “60 Minutes,” but apparently the Islamic State’s rampage through the Levant is everyone’s fault but his. Silly me – I thought leaders were supposed to take responsibility for mistakes instead of shuffle-passing blame to … Continue reading

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