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Truman’s Hump Day Song of the Week: All I Want for Christmas is You

For Christmas, Truman got … (drum roll) … Truman, a chew toy version of the University of Missouri mascot. Truman the dog is named after Truman the MU mascot, not the president who dropped two big ones on Hiroshima and … Continue reading

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My Tough Mudder

This is all you need to know about my mother: When my brother Dave and I came home from watching a movie one night, she greeted us at the front door holding a fireplace poker like a sword. Mom said … Continue reading

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Congratulations Jersey Mike

The silver dollar salute is a U.S. military tradition in which a newly commissioned officer (second lieutenants in the Army, Marine Corps and Air Force; ensigns in the Navy and Coast Guard) awards a silver dollar to the first enlisted person … Continue reading

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Chairman’s New York Schizophrenia

The wife and I are heading up to New York City for the USC-Syracuse game this weekend. It’s the first break we’ve had together in a while, and we’re in an Empire State of Mind. The Orangemen gave up 42 … Continue reading

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Game of (Fantasy Football) Thrones

I’ve skydived, fast-roped from a helicopter and drunkenly leaped from the roof of a two-story apartment building into a pool – none of which matches the thrill of rubbing a friend’s face in shit after I beat him in a … Continue reading

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Chairman Swings for the ‘Picket Fence’

I’m a writing junkie and this is my fix.  Thirteen years after I quit journalism, I’m coming back to a medium that over the years has both excited my senses and bored me to tears – a feeling I can … Continue reading

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