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Chairman’s First Date Suggestions

Inside my local coffee shop, there was a guy talking about Kimbo Slice with his female companion. It looked like a first date care of “Kimbo Slice! The MMA guy!” Yeah buddy, I know. The mixed-martial arts guy. Perfect conversation starter. … Continue reading

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We Want Douchebags

You’re in a crowded bar and he’s there, staring at you – eyes gleaming, necklace dangling, collar popped, cocktail in his death grip, straightening his coat, glancing at his watch, glancing at the crowd (for someone better looking), glancing at … Continue reading

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PDA You Should Keep Inside Your Pocket

I’ve become mostly immune to aberrant behavior after being surrounded by the douchey guys and Kesha lookalikes of D.C. for the better part of seven years, but even this was too much to ignore. I was standing in line at … Continue reading

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Chairman Swings for the ‘Picket Fence’

I’m a writing junkie and this is my fix.  Thirteen years after I quit journalism, I’m coming back to a medium that over the years has both excited my senses and bored me to tears – a feeling I can … Continue reading

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