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A Message from the Ombudsman: Choke Yourself

Legitimate media outlets typically have an ombudsman who receives suggestions and other feedback – mostly complaints – about the stories they have published or aired. This corner of the Web is hardly legitimate, but in the spirit of the Great … Continue reading

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Every Day is Father’s Day

The prologue is past, so let’s begin at the end:  A graying old man in a house on a hill, peering over the top of a newspaper to watch a basketball game. My father was born in 1929, six months … Continue reading

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America’s Choice: ‘Magic’ or ‘Monty’

A new movie about male strippers called “Magic Mike” is making women’s hearts go pitter-patter. It’s essentially a collage of ripped dudes, delicately shaven and oiled chests, lap dances and fantastic hair. How boring. That’s me every day. After being … Continue reading

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Chairman Says: ‘Oy-y-y, Army Show Need More Practice!’

The U.S. Army celebrated its 237th birthday on June 14.  Several days ago, the wife and I attended a celebration in Fort Myer, which is just a 10-minute walk from our house.  The show – awkwardly named the “Twilight Tattoo” … Continue reading

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Leading Horses to Water…

Oy-y-y … Thanks for visiting my blog, capitalist swine.  As a prelude to the 1st Plenary of the 12th National People’s Congress, I have a few helpful hints that will make your experience here more enjoyable. First, make sure you use … Continue reading

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Grace Kelly, Where Art Thou?

The wife and I watched “Rear Window” last night, starring Jimmy Stewart as a nosy neighbor and Grace Kelly as his girlfriend. (The Metroplex channel plays a lot of classic movies commercial-free). Historical footnote:  Stewart was once Major General Jimmy … Continue reading

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Q&A with Truman: Sequestration and Defense Spending

My dog, Truman, has become a lot smarter since he started spending time in a congressional office.  Observant and curious, he has been privy to many of the political and policy issues of the day.  In between a walk and … Continue reading

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