Restaurant Review: District Taco

Remnants of palatable Mexican food from District Taco on Capitol Hill.

Nom-nom: Remnants of palatable Mexican food from District Taco on Capitol Hill.

After a couple of sifters of Old Fashioned recently at a Capitol Hill bar, the wife and I made a quick stop at District Taco – which provides above-average burritos and enchiladas to D.C.-area residents starved of palatable Mexican food. The bottom line with this place is that it’s not bad if you’re hungry, tastes even better after a few drinks and would probably be the best meal in history at 2:15 a.m. after last call.

Somewhere on an imaginary scale measuring the quality of Mexican food, District Taco falls somewhere between a current-day Baja Fresh (ruined by expansion more than a decade after its hey day at the turn of the millennium) and a Lauriol Plaza, the over-priced Dupont Circle place that outranks Chipotle only because the former has better margaritas.

In the photo above, I went big with a Burrito Mojado (hey, easy with the epithets during the border crisis), while the wife indulged in what most of us would call a burrito bowl, but which they call a Burrito Desnudo here. Hey, whatever pal – there’s no tortilla and you put a bunch of stuff in a bowl.

My burrito was slathered in enough red sauce, sour cream and pico de gallo to mask anything that was remotely sub-standard. I tasted the protein – chicken – but it could’ve been cat, for all I knew.

Eating good Mexican food in Southern California for over two decades has created some impossibly high expectations. During a visit to Mexico City, I recall having the ultimate authentic Mexican meal – served by a real Mexican – and later on complaining about the watery salsa and funny-tasting corn tortillas (maybe because they were made by mestizo children’s tiny hands and untouched by preservatives).

So the verdict on District Taco is … Meh (shrug). Stop by if you’re craving some Mexican. I’ll once again endorse Pedro and Vinny’s as my hole-in-the-wall burrito joint of choice – especially after it reopened after a few weeks of being shut down by the Arlington County Health Department. I’m sure it was all a simple misunderstanding, Pedro and Vinny.


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