Intifada Redux


The last two intifadas ended with no victories, just dead bodies and seething anger on both sides of the never-ending dispute in the Holy Land. I imagine a third one will end the same way.

This morning I was listening to NPR’s coverage of the latest round of unrest in Israel and the Palestinian Territories, triggered after Hamas militants allegedly kidnapped and shot to death three Israeli teens. This was followed by IDF retaliatory airstrikes against Hamas, Hamas retaliatory rocket attacks against Israeli cities and settler areas, and the revenge killing of a Palestinian teen who was apparently burned alive – by Israeli teens.

The NPR reporter interviewed a cousin of the slain Palestinian teen who urged for calm on both sides: “Acts of revenge do nothing. They only make people hate more and only open a door for more revenge and more bloodshed,” she told reporters.

As neighbors brought flowers to the family’s doorstep, an older relative offered a different perspective that I imagine reflects more of the popular sentiment today: “What good are flowers? Bring me the burned body of one of his killers.”


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