Bergdahl Part II

A screenshot from the Taliban video of SGT Bowe Bergdahl's release.

The postscript from the Taliban video of SGT Bowe Bergdahl’s release.

I underestimated how demoralized I would be about the Bowe Bergdahl episode. No one wants to see hard-earned gains squandered, lives wasted and time invested on someone considered, by many accounts, to be the kind of platoon shit-bird who refused to simply shut up, take his post and pull his share of the load during a rough deployment.

No one wants to listen to arrogant government flaks and Beltway talking heads drone on about concepts which they know nothing about – ideas such as desertion, loyalty and duty.

And no one wants a commander people believe is either incompetent or indifferent.

Among the multitude of news articles and op-eds written about this saga, these stand out:



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One Response to Bergdahl Part II

  1. Hey, it’s war. If you don’t want to see lives wasted, hard-earned gains squandered and efforts invested in helping the wrong people – don’t participate. Sorry to oversimplify. I do respect a soldier’s intent toward service. I just don’t believe this sort of war is “winnable”. And when it all winds down, it’s always messy and demoralizing. You never recoup the costs. But that’s what you get when the specific goals of a mission are unclear, the action continues for so long the political landscape alters, there’s no cohesive exit strategy, and the government can’t agree on when it’s time to leave.

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