Truman’s Hump Day Song of the Week: Enter Sandman

If you're wondering, we drop a lot of food right where he's laying.

It’s the kitchen. Where else would I be?

The blog has been dormant for the past few weeks because the Chairman’s been very busy and Truman’s been laying down on the job, as you can see. We apologize, profusely. Chairman’s frustrating commute doesn’t help, either – 35 miles that feels like 55 with traffic getting progressively worse along sections of Interstate 95 south of the Beltway that are under perpetual destruction … er-r-r … construction. I find myself dodging a lot of dump trucks and big rigs on my twice-daily journey, much like the child near the end of the Metallica video below.

“Enter Sandman” was released during my freshman year at USC, running neck-and-neck with 2 Live Crew’s “Pop That Coochie” and Marky Mark’s “Good Vibrations” as the top music videos on our South Los Angeles cable network. (In case you’re wondering, “Pop That Coochie” was the most requested music video in the area for something like 500 straight days).


About Chairman Mao

I like fomenting socialist revolutions and purging my homeland of pseudo-intellectualism and capitalist dogma. I also like sports, dogs and food (although I wouldn't consider myself a foodie).
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