‘No Disrespect To The Coach Who Was Here Before…’

USC QB Cody Kessler after Thursday night's 38-31 win over Arizona.

USC QB Cody Kessler after Thursday night’s 38-31 win over Arizona.

USC beat Arizona Thursday night 38-31. Despite the 10:30 p.m. ET kickoff, I stayed awake long enough to watch the energized Trojans build a 28-3 lead into the second quarter (I’ll have to stomach watching us nearly squander that lead on my DVR replay this weekend).

Quote of the night … of the season … of the last four seasons … comes from USC QB Cody Kessler during the post-game press conference, about the recent head coach regime change at Troy:

No disrespect to the coach who was here before and I’m not getting into that, but you want a coach that you will freaking just go to war for every time [like] this man here to my right. I don’t only speak for myself. I speak for the whole team. We would go to war for this guy any day of the week. Any time he needed us we have his back 100 percent.

When you have a coach that you can see and feel that he cares about you so much and wants you to be the best that you can be and succeed, that’s love right there. I couldn’t ask for a better head coach. All of us would go to war and put our lives on the line for this man any day of the week.

The Los Angeles Times’ Helene Elliott describes interim head coach Ed Orgeron’s different approach with the team here. All of this naturally begs the question, What took so damn long to get rid of the other guy?

Notice his name is never mentioned in this space. Not here, not ever again. Purge him from the records. It never happened.


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