Monday Pick-Me-Up: The Final Countdown … and Da Bulls

Feeling a little slow, kids? Here’s a little pick-me-up, courtesy of Europe…

Reminds me of the ’90s era Chicago Bulls being introduced at the United Center. “… And the captain, number 24 … Bill Cartwright!”

It’s funny how close Michael Jordan and general manager Jerry Krause are standing in this photo of the 1991 team photo. Jordan hated Krause – because Krause accepted what critics contend was an inordinate amount of credit for the team’s success (he selected eventual frontcourt mates Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant in the 1987 NBA Draft, but also added underperforming ankle weights such as Will Purdue, Stacey King and Brad Sellers).

Krause also tried to trade away Pippen twice, which (1) would’ve been insane and (2) crossed arguably the greatest basketball player since Wilt Chamberlain. Good little snippet from ESPN about Chicago fans’ hatred for Krause here.


“OK, I need all the scrubs to stand in the middle row.”



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