Marine JAG: Scope of Sex Assault Problem Exaggerated


Only Nixon could have visited Mao (oy-y-y) in China.

Only Reagan could have told Gorbachev to “tear down this wall” in Berlin.

And only a woman military lawyer could say the scope of the sexual assault problem in the U.S. military has been exaggerated.

In a May op-ed in The Wall Street Journal, Capt Lindsay Rodman, a Marine judge advocate general lawyer, said the recently released 2012 Annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military derived its conclusions about an increase in sexual assault from an unscientific sample set, and that no conclusions can be derived from the data. This flies in the face of the irresistible force generated by the President, Secretary of Defense and lawmakers who have introduced at least three bills attempting to address what they have called an “epidemic.”

I’m surprised her op-ed didn’t generate more buzz, especially because she’s currently assigned to the Joint Staff to work on sexual assault issues. Rodman was apparently one credit shy of graduating from Duke University with a minor in the ever-lucrative field of women’s studies and earned her J.D. from Harvard University, which isn’t known for admitting mental midgets. In any case, expect her to be pilloried by lefties for deviating from the prevailing agenda – much as they did Capt Katie Petronio for bucking the “women in combat” tidal wave by saying women should not be in the infantry.

Rodman gets the last word: “I am not going around saying we don’t have an issue in the military,” she said in this week’s edition of Marine Corps Times. “There’s a lot we can do to make the military more friendly to women.”

“I want people to know that about me,” Rodman said. “It’s very important we do right by victims.”

But somewhere along the line truth became a casualty, she added: “The agenda should be to identify the problem, to come up with a solution. That’s not what I see happening right now.”

Meantime, here’s a case that hits close to home: A Marine is being court-martialed for allegedly raping a woman at a well-known pub on the grounds of the Marine Barracks at 8th and I on Fourth of July last year. If the pub in question is Center House, friends and I have tipped back a few drinks there on a number of occasions.

For the uninitiated, the Barracks is the oldest active post in the Marine Corps, home to the Commandant and the Friday Evening Parades featuring the famed Silent Drill Platoon. The U.S. Attorney’s Office and a Marine investigator initially found insufficient evidence to charge the Marine in connection with the alleged assault, but the two-star general overseeing the investigation reversed the ruling to bring the case to court martial. What a mess.

And because I don’t believe in coincidences, the Barracks welcomed the post’s first female sergeant major on June 27.


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