Two Cents on the Benghazi Disaster and Fallout


Here’s a good post by noted author and Marine Vietnam vet Bing West (on someone else’s blog) about the Benghazi disaster that left four Americans dead. Aside from the imprudent security posture in a high-risk area to the limp U.S. response to the Obama administration’s vigorous spin cycle in the days afterward, West nails some hard issues on the head.

  • How could anyone have known how long the attack was going to last?
  • How did an officer a thousand miles away usurp the judgment of the members of the U.S. country team in Tripoli? 
  • Also: If it really takes a half-day to deploy Air Force jets from Aviano Air Force Base in Italy to the point of crisis (as proffered by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), we might as well pack up all of our forward-deployed Wal-Marts around the world and move everything back to the continental United States – because they’re not worth a hill of beans for responsiveness or operational agility when American lives and property are in danger.
  • And last but not least – so much for the warrior’s rallying cry of “leave no man behind.”

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