Chief of USAF Sex Assault Prevention Office Arrested for Groping Woman


“Everybody in here’s innocent. Didn’t you know that?”

You can’t make this shit up: the officer who is supposed to help prevent sexual assaults in the Air Force was arrested for allegedly groping a woman in an Arlington County underground parking lot. Click here for the sordid details and to see a great mug shot following his arrest. He had only been on the job for a couple months, so maybe he missed the part of the job description about NOT drunkenly fondling women strangers in Crystal City. As you may know, the military has suffered a rash of incidents such as these, including allegations of sexual assault or harassment by 62 female trainees by their instructors at Lackland Air Force Base. I’m not sure how you fix this in the military. Culture change can take generations. I imagine it was just as tough and awkward to integrate the civilian workplace, as women sought to be accepted by men as peers decades before. Ask Joan Harris from “Mad Men.”

UPDATED: A new Department of Defense report shows a spike in sexual assaults despite intensified efforts to curtail them. Find the Huffington Post story about the report’s results here.


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