The Lakers, According to Charles Barkley

San Antonio Spurs v Los Angeles Lakers, Game 5

“Time to put your big boy pants on … and pull my finger!”

Kobe Bryant + Pau Gasol + Dwight Howard + Steve Nash + Antawn Jamison = 9-14.

Leave it to Charles Barkley to not over-analyze the Los Angeles Lakers crappy season. Said Sir Charles during the Lakers-Knicks game Thursday night at Madison Square Garden: “Listen, who are we kidding? The Lakers don’t have a lot of talent, to be honest with you. That’s their biggest problem. … It’s just an old, slow team and they brought in a coach (Mike D’Antoni) who wants to score 120 points a night – and that’s just not going to happen.” Amen Chuck, not with Jerry Buss’ idiot son Jim running the team.

Cheer up Laker fans, here’s Charles Barkley swinging a golf club:


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