Grace Kelly, Where Art Thou?

James Stewart, Grace Kelly, and Alfred Hitchcock on the set of “Rear Window,” 1954.

The wife and I watched “Rear Window” last night, starring Jimmy Stewart as a nosy neighbor and Grace Kelly as his girlfriend. (The Metroplex channel plays a lot of classic movies commercial-free). Historical footnote:  Stewart was once Major General Jimmy Stewart, U.S. Air Force Reserve. As an officer in the Army Air Corps (the Air Force’s predecessor), he flew dozens of combat missions into Nazi-occupied Europe during World War II and twice received the Distinguished Flying Cross. He feared his celebrity status (“Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” had already made him a star by 1939) would keep him stuck stateside while the war raged overseas, but the powers that be eventually relented. Jimmy even flew once in Vietnam and refused to let the Defense Department publicize it. Actors these days? Pussies.

Anyway, this post was originally intended to be a tribute to classy beauties of a by-gone era. Among them was lovely Grace Kelly, the late Princess of Monaco. She was the kind of stylish dame other women would invite over for tea, accompany to day spas or do whatever girls do when there are no men around. We wondered whether any contemporary actress could hold a candle to her.

The only one who comes to mind is Kate Beckinsale, who played the love interest in that epic Michael Bay monstrosity called “Pearl Harbor.”

Any other competition to Grace Kelly out there today? Bueller? Bueller?


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One Response to Grace Kelly, Where Art Thou?

  1. JT says:

    along those same lines, i often wonder if there will ever be another audrey hepburn. it seems impossible.

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